The Best Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Options Exposed!

When people hear the term “erectile dysfunction,” they immediately think Viagra is the be-all and end-all of cures. The popularity of Viagra continues to soar years after its birth. However, there are many other erectile dysfunction sexual options available to men who are having a problem getting their “thing” up. Erectile dysfunction is the medical term used to describe the inability of a man to get an erection. It is considered by men – and even women – as a serious medical condition because it prevents sexual intercourse, deemed by most, if not all, people as an important aspect of life, from taking place. Thus, options to cure erectile dysfunction must be explored.

Let’s begin with one of the most common erectile dysfunction sexual options: Viagra. The generic name of Viagra is sildenafil. It is a medication, in the form of a pill, that works to give desperate men a chance at successful sexual intercourse by treating their erectile dysfunction issues. While Viagra has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it does not provide any cure for premature ejaculation or help achieve prolong erections. Viagra is just one of the many specific names that offer quick solutions to erection problems; there are many others you can find on the market.

Aside from Viagra and other drugs that have a similar purpose, injections are also recommended as part of the list of erectile dysfunction sexual options. Injections often come in the form of a tri-mix, a mixture of three medications, usually alprostadil, phentolamine mesylate, and papaverine hydrochloride. The tri-mix is then injected into the side of the penis. While the shot itself rarely causes serious pain, some men find the thought of sticking a needle in their penis highly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, injections give patients the erection they need – when they need it and how long they want it to last. Testosterone therapy Las Vegas

Although prescription drugs and injections do work, they are not considered by experts as the best erectile dysfunction sexual options. This distinction belongs to natural treatments, which involve therapy, among others. Natural treatments are understandably more appealing because they do not entail dangerous risks. Viagra and other similar drugs carry risks of heart attack, stroke, irregularity in heart beat, and death on rare occasions. Meanwhile, injections carry risks of pain, bruising, blood clot, and priapism. Drugs and injections also carry the risk of an allergic reaction in men who use them. These risks can be avoided by opting for natural methods.

Sexual therapy is, more often than not, all a man needs to release the issues that hinder him from having an erection. Usually, a man fails to have an erection because of stress and lack of self-confidence in sexual matters. A therapist can help a man with erectile dysfunction create a new, better image of himself and his sexual prowess. Experts believe that it is psychosomatic in more than half of recorded cases. Sexual therapy is the key to ridding the mind of all negative constructs that can disrupt sexual stimulation, and this is why it’s considered one of the best erectile dysfunction sexual options

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