Electronic Engine Control Module for Your Subaru

Subaru is known for their technology oriented performance vehicles. A lot of technological features have been integrated in most Subaru vehicles over the years and in fact Subaru has been keen to maintain this trend. One of the early technological features in Subaru motor vehicles was the Engine Control Unit (ECU) also known as Electronic Engine Control Module. Some vehicle manufactures even know it by the name Power-train Control Module (PCM).

An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is nothing but an integrated computer chip or a set of chips that work to control certain features of the vehicle’s engine electronically. The main aim of integrating a computer to control a setup of mechanical parts is to increase efficiency by carrying out several functions at the same time; an act that is humanly impossible. The main functions of the ECU are to determine the amount of fuel for ignition, ignition timing, spark plug and valve control among other essential functions that help an internal combustion engine to function smoothly with maximum efficiency. In short, ECU is a mini-computer looking after the performance and efficiency of your car. A properly functioning Control Unit will keep the engine of your vehicle in peak performance mode while increasing its efficiency and power, whereas a faulty ECU can give you quite a few headaches along the way by decreasing the output of your engine and ultimately causing serious damage to it.

As mentioned, an ECU is a chipset of micro-processors that control the engine electronically. As is the case with almost every electronic item, there is always a possibility that it might cease work or perhaps the micro-processors might get corrupted. An ECU can either be minimally corrupted or completely damaged depending on a lot of factors like short circuits, improper handling or the usual wear and tear. In the long run, prolonged ECU problems can lead to permanent engine damage and it is imperative that you service the ECU of your vehicle on time or under extreme circumstances, replace it. In any case, it is always better to have a qualified technician inspect it before taking a decision.  used engines

An ECU does not have a specified age limit of operation. Some last for decades while others last only a few months. It is the bad luck of a motorist if the ECU of his vehicle needs to be replaced. The ECU technology in Subaru vehicles is of the highest standard but still there might arise a need when your vehicle needs its ECU to be replaced. What is the best option in such a scenario?

Brand new Subaru parts don’t come cheap and the ECU is no exception to this. In case you want to spend big bucks on replacing the Control Unit of your Subaru, you may as well go ahead and order. But if you think sensibly and invest in a used Engine Control Module, you not only would save one-third of the money you would spent otherwise but also have an auto part that functions just like a new one under the hood. It is a fact that there is no difference in the performance whether it is a brand new ECU or a used one. Both would do the same job. Now if you care to make a logical decision, you know which way to go in case your Subaru needs a replacement Engine Control Unit.


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