Data Loss in LINUX and Recovery Options

The best thing about LINUX is that it is being frequently improved over the previous versions and hence, LINUX based computers are quite robust in terms of functionality and features. However, rich functionality our computer may have, it is the data we store in it is the most important thing. We opt for a storage device with advance technology only for the safe storage and better accessibility of our valuable data. People, who have a notion that LINUX operating system based computers are comparatively problem free, usually go wild when they face any problem with their computer. Moreover, if the problem go to an extent, when there is a chance of data loss, the panic needs no explanation. One thing is true that, we can’t prevent data loss, but, can recover the data with the help of any LINUX data recovery software.

Possible data loss situations in LINUX:

Accidental or intentional data deletion is the primary reason behind data loss. Sometimes, we delete a file or folder and some time later or even the next moment realize that there was some important data in that. In some cases, due to sabotage or any hardware/software malfunction lead to data loss or inaccessibility. Apart from these, there can be enormous reasons, however virus attack, files system corruption and operating system crash etc can be one of the most common ones.

What you should do and what you should never aftermath data loss:

You must always remember one thing that the data that has been deleted from the drive is never permanently lost. It is there and can be recovered until and unless it is being overwritten by some other data. Hence, care should be taken not to do disk-defragment to the drive from where data has been deleted and avoid using the drive before recovery. One more thing is that you should never ever try to open the inaccessible hard disk, as it can make situation even worse. In case of data loss or inaccessibility, try recovering the LINUX data with any reliable LINUX recovery utility. LINUX data recovery utilities are meant to recover your lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from a LINUX operating system based computer irrespective of the cause of data loss.


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