Chartering Versus Owning a Private Jet – Choices and Options You Never Knew You Had

Are you looking into chartering a private jet for business or pleasure? One aspect of private jet charters that not too many people think about is the fact that you can choose the jet that you wish to charter. There are actually many small jet chartering companies in business these days so the size and type of jet that you charter can be customized to your need as well as your personal tastes. Some of these jet charter companies own their own jets while others actually manage jets for private individuals or companies.

While dealing with a reputable charter company does have its advantages there are times when you are going to find that it actually might be more of a hassle than actually owning your own jet or a fraction of a private jet. This why it is beneficial to you to look at all the options available to you and weigh the pros and cons of private jet ownership against chartering a private jet in all its different flavors.

Luxury – There is no doubt that traveling in a private jet is by far one of the most luxurious ways to travel when compared to commercial airline travel. When comparing the difference between using a private jet charter or ownership of your own jet though fractional ownership or ownership of your own jet, owning can win out in the long run.

With ownership you have the knowledge that you will know ahead of time exactly what kind of jet you will be traveling in. The accommodations will be familiar and soon you will feel as if your jet is a second home to you if you travel often. You will know where the lavatory is and how everything works on your jet. Your flight crew will become familiar to you and you will grow to know and trust them as you would any other business associate. charter a plane dallas

With private jet charters it can sometimes be a toss up as far as the quality of jet that you will be traveling in which is why is it important to do your due diligence in working only with charter companies with a good reputation. While this is changing in the industry there are still a few charter companies that are in business simply to turn a profit by placing you the cheapest jet for the highest price.

Choices – Life is all about choices, isn’t it? Likewise, in your business you want to have choices or options and so it is with chartering a small jet. Typically you will have many options available to you as far as make, model and size of jet available to you if you choose to follow the jet charter route while if you opt for purchasing a jet for your business or personal use you are locked into one particular jet.

Of course, if you typically travel alone or with only a couple of other people then size is a constant that you might not worry about and make and model can remain a constant. Also, if you tend to travel to the same cities and airports then you will not have to worry about logistics and getting from the airport to your final destination since your routine is also familiar. Although many charter companies also work hand in hand with different vendors that can provide quality transportation, hotel recommendations and help to take care of incidentals and any last minute needs that you might have.

Cost – These days the cost of private jet charters vary widely when compared to both fractional jet ownership and outright corporate jet ownership. With both fraction jet ownership and the purchase of a small jet you will know with relative certainty what your costs are going to be for the month with variations for months of heavy travel when compared to a month when your jet just sits in the hangar.

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