5 Tips for Finding Perfect Wedding Reception Halls and Venues

Many couples don’t contract a DJ until after they’ve shopped for reception halls. But maybe it should be the other way around – put their wedding music at the top of the wedding checklist.

Why is that? Who would know best about the different reception halls in the area – what they’re like, how many people will fit comfortably, what the dance floor is like and the overall layout of the hall?

Disc Jockeys. Experienced DJs who do a lot of weddings often go to the same places all the time. Sometimes they might even become “regulars” at different locations, depending on how popular that particular wedding reception hall is.

And since DJs can have a lot of input and suggestions for reception halls that even you may not have thought about, it might be a good idea to shop for your DJ first, and then look at some of the wedding reception venues they suggest.

Here are five tips from some disc jockeys, based on their experience. Oh, and remember, you only get married once. DJs go to a lot of weddings and they get to see the action from all angles, not just from the floor. So their input is bound to be priceless!

5 Tips for Finding Perfect Wedding Reception Halls

1. The size of the wedding reception venue.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re shopping for reception halls is the size of the venue. historic bed and breakfast charleston

  • How many people can it comfortably seat?
  • How large is the dance floor?
  • Is there enough floor space for the cake table and card or gift table?
  • Is there enough room for the DJ to set up?

The reception halls you look at may be able to seat X amount of people, but then how much room does that leave for the dance floor and other accommodations?

If you’re having the reception at the same location as the wedding ceremony, can you set up the seating to allow for a comfortable arrangement for your guests during the ceremony?

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